4 Key Steps to Become a Millionaire by 35

Working hard will not help you to become a millionaire. If it was a key reason so there were no laborers out there. In this blog, you will learn the key values of becoming a millionaire in 2023.

Clear your Why and it is half done

You have to clear your “WHY” first. Likewise in every field, the “why” part is most important and it is the only motivation in the beginning. Why you are doing this or that? Why do you wake up in the morning and why you are hustling? Why do you want to reach the top? You can set your “Why” according to your goal.

“Money can’t buy happiness” True, Say it when you have lots of it. Don’t attach your happiness to money but take it as a game and play it hard.

Spend less and save more.

Saving money is a slow process to become a millionaire but it will help you in investing. You can buy stocks and small assets that can add small amounts to your income sheet. The small amounts but more in quantity will boost your balance income. These amounts will allow you to invest in big deals.

Wealth is not how much you make it is how long you can survive using that amount. Spending less will make you wealthy. The approach to saving money is also a main factor. Saving money to invest will stop you from buying things that will take money out of your pocket. This approach will really help you in building wealth.

Not make money for Boss.

Start your own business or create a system that brings money to your pocket directly. Working on a high paycheck is good but that process is slow. There is a huge difference between working for yourself and for some boss. A business grows exponentially and that is why the wealthiest persons own businesses. They do not depend on some paycheck from a company or boss. They work to create a system that generates money while they are sleeping. As they see the system can run by itself they move and start creating another system.

As a business owner, you know how to deal with law and taxes. This also improves your financial awareness and how the system works. There is a famous saying “First know the rules of the game and Then Play”.

Avoid Debt and spending Unnecessary Money.

People start spending more as they start earning more money. You can improve your lifestyle by spending more but you will remain in the same position as you were before. Most people take Debt to move to a comfortable house or to buy a luxurious car. These things are liabilities and you will pay more in the form of maintenance and Taxes.

There is a huge difference between being rich and feeling rich. You can feel rich by spending more and buying expensive things. Buy things that are necessary not just to impress others.

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